I’ve been treating in English lately


I’ve been treating in English lately

The first time was the foreign boyfriend of a colleague. He was more comfortable explaining to me his symptoms in English and i was totally ready to try a new way to ask and communicate with my patients.

Since then I had plenty of opportunities to do treatment to many foreigns that are visiting or living in Bilbao.

The Basque Country, and especially Bilbao, is becoming such a tourist and attractive place, that we are receiving thousands of excited and happy people every month.

If you are visiting Bilbao and you need a physical therapist or osteopath to treat any pain or discomfort, get in touch to see if there is space my schedule.

It wasn’t something I had planned, I’d never said “let’s do the anamnesis(all the questioning part) and the treatment in English”, but it has just worked out that way and I’m happy to be able to offer this to my clients and my city.

Forehead, upper limb, jaw, cubital nerve, diaphragm, lowerback, heel, patello-femoral pain, etc.

Some of the words are very similar because they came from latin, some are not. Some of them are regular words in my scientific studies. The truth its that i keep learning every time a foreign patient comes in.




These are my siblings. I just got back yesterday from the US, where my brother Neisan lives.

And two months ago I was in London, where my sister lives.

Every year I visit them once or twice, so I am becoming a regular visitor of big English speaking cities.

2 more things. I travel a lot. And almost every day in my life I treat the people who are close to me, even travelling.  For me it’s a pleasure, it’s my life.

I’m very proud of my brother and sister. He’s director of strategic programs and works with international organizations like NASA or the World Bank.

She is a choreographer and dancer, with a huge repertoire and backgrounds, based in London. Her creativity and determination always amaze me.

I really feel that their richness of experiences are in a certain way mine too.



See you soon in Adapta Fisioterapia, Calle Ledesma n.20 48001 Bilbao


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